Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fairy kei on a budget: How to "Kawaii-fy" your room for under $50

So you want to have a cute room? But you don't want to spend a bunch of money, so what do you do?
Well, not everybody can just instantly have a super adorable room. It takes time and patience, but the final product is AMAZING!~ My room used to be pretty plain.. Light lavander walls, tan carpet, and a bunkbed. But i re-decorated it, and for everything i bought it was only around $50, but a lot of the things in my room were optional. 
Let's look at some ups and downs of "kawaii" rooms.
This one is really adorable~ It may seem hard to achieve a room like this, but you just have to look under whats there. Her room, is mainly covered in thin blankets and fabric. Just head to your local fabric store, and find some cute patterns for your wall. But don't use the same fabric for your entire wall, use it like a tapestry. Other wise it might look a little weird. . . 

This is my make-shift tapestry. It was about 8 dollars at Walmart, and it came with a sleeping mask!~
The colors are a little bright for my taste, but i like it anyway. It really suits my room as a whole :D
Next room?

I don't really like this room. I'm sorry, whoever it belongs too, i hope you love it, but it's not what I'd do for my room.. It looks a little.. Junky? Like they have a lot of cute things, but their actual room and furniture kind of took the cuteness away. Now this can be a challange, because not everyone can just go out and buy new furniture. But, there's THRIFT SHOPS! Yes, pretty much all of the furniture at a thrift shop or garage sale is not anything near being kawaii~ But that didn't stop me!~
A few months back, my step-mom's sister, gave us a headboard that she bought at a garage sale. It was ugly, and the color of a school bus, but i thought it had potential. xD I mostly liked it because there was a shelf built into it, which meant more room for my ponies and plushies~~
I dont have a picture of its ugly-ness from before, but after some paint, it turned out really cute!~

I love this thing to death!!~ It really goes well with my room, and it was practically free!~ Basically, i just painted the whole thing white, and then mixed my white house paint with some acrylic paint to make the pastel colors~ Then i just painted stars and the words "kawaii" and "amai" Meaning cute and sweet/delicious. 
Here's my headboard as a whole, i love the dripping pink at the top~~
Now, speaking of which, i think that the bed is the easiest part of making your room cuter. You can sometimes find canopies at thrift shops, that what I did!~ Mine was about 7 dollars, but i think that prices would vary^-^
Also, find a cute comforter. The one that it currently on my bed is also from the thrift store, it's vintage barbie and i love it~ That was also around 7 dollars. 
This is my bed, in all its glory~~ Lol~ It's a little different now, mostly because there is a different blanket on it (the barbie one)~ Also, the wall decals that are sparkly, are from Walmart. 4$ :D
For your floor you can use an adorable rug, like in the first picture. They have cute ones from places like target and Walmart for around 20 dollars, but they aren't very big. Just make sure they have a cute pattern and look nice. For stuffed animals, i headed for the thrift store. you can get cute ones for around 1-3 dollars each, big and small~ I like buying my little ponies too, i picked this one up the other day for only 29 cents~~

Also in my room, i just have alot of stuff from my childhood. But that stuff was bought so long ago, i just think of it as free xD Hahaha~ For more things in your room, check the dollar store. You never know what you'll find~ 
 Also, If your desk is too plain, and your parents wont let you paint it, cover it in stickers!!
Haha~ My room was messy that day because we had my grandparents foreign exchange student staying with us for a little bit~ Also, you can see that my mirror, is covered in "sentimental" things like birthday cards and packaging stuff~
i really don't have much else to say except for: Have cute stuff. Spread it evenly through-out your room~ It will look a lot better than cluttering it in one place. I was hoping to do something a little more informative, but trust me, your room will get cuter over time, like i said, it's a process. Sometime i will do a guide to organizing your closet~ Well, I have to leave for school!  ~~ See you soon! 


  1. Thanks for the cute idea! I finally have some inspiration on how i should decorate my room now ~ Thanks! >w<

  2. Thank you so much!! That was really inspiring ♥♥♥ ^^